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Braidie Butters

B. Butters Silver is operated by myself Braidie Butters, I am a custom silversmith and engraver. I love working with customers designing and making custom pieces as well as creating one of a kind items that I offer for sale.


As a child I spent countless hours playing in my Dad's (Randy Butters) spur shop and occasionally worked on a few projects with my Dad's help. It was not until 2008 that I made my way back to Dad's shop where he taught me some basic fabrication skills and introduced me to engraving. At this time my Mom and I formed our jewelry business named B & B Sterling where we crafted one of a kind pieces of jewelry made from broken collectible china plates. These experiences created a foundation for me to build upon.


The summer of 2009 was a very eventful summer for me as that is when I decided to get serious about learning western bright cut engraving. Bill Lusk of Folsom New Mexico introduced me western bright cut followed by a formal class taught by David Alderson and Mark Drain of the TCAA. (Traditional Cowboy Arts Association)


Following the class I was fortunate to spend some one on one time with Dave in his shop in Twin Falls ID where he generously shared much of his knowledge with me. 


In 2012 I was selected as the first TCAA Fellowship recipient. The Fellowship allowed me to spend time with David Alderson, Mark Drain, Scott Hardy and a design workshop with Chuck Stormes. This experience proved to be invaluable to my career. Not only was I able to learn tremendous amounts, but I have made lifelong friendships.


I was honored to be chosen as the 2015 Winner of the Silversmithing, Emerging Artist Contest held by the TCAA.

For more information on the TCAA Fellowship Program or Emering Artist Contests please visit their website at

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